What is the Eurwaxs affiliate program?

Attracting customers to the company, the partner receives a monthly commission for this. The more customers attracted, the greater the volume of their transactions and the more actively they complete them - the greater the amount of remuneration for the affiliate program. Once an attracted client is assigned to him for the entire duration of the client’s work through the company.

  • Flexible and transparent conditions of the affiliate program. Individual approach.
  • High remuneration of the Partner for each transaction of attracted customers.
  • No restrictions on the payment and calculation of the Reward.
  • Simple registration procedure as a Partner.
  • Online customer transaction and reward reports.
  • Clients are assigned to the Partner for the entire period of cooperation.
  • Daily reward accrual with the subsequent possibility of recall without any restrictions.

Affiliate program One of the industry’s largest affiliate rewards

  • Up to 50% of the commission of the trader
  • Up to 35% of investor commission
  • Up to 60% of the commission of the trader
  • Up to 40% of investor commission
affiliate program
  • Up to 60% of affiliate referrals earnings
  • Additional earnings on attracting partners

PAMM Agent

Attract Investors to Managed Accounts (PAMM)
Eurwaxs and get rewarded.

  • A quick and convenient procedure for registering a PAMM agent.
  • Get rewarded without participating in trading and investing.
  • Online PAMM Managed Rankings.