The Forex currency market is considered a very highly profitable area. A huge number of people invest here. The history of this market has a lot of incredible stories about fantastic profits. One of the most famous is Sorez’s one-time earnings in 1992, when he earned $ 1 billion in the fall of the British pound against the USD. Of course, all these stories are not of a routine. Daily earnings are generated by online analytics. A large profit is possible only with large investments. Although you can start trading Forex with only $ 100. The Forex market is interesting in that it is possible to make money on it, both by raising the currency and by lowering it. This is the basic advantage of this platform, for example, over the stock market, where a fall in the value of shares threatens with significant losses in cash. In the foreign exchange market, the direction of the trend is not affected by the fall of one of the currencies, which means that the other is becoming more expensive. It is this factor that allows you to make a profit in any situation. This is an attractive Forex market for people who want to participate in financial markets.


Securities, as documents having a number of inalienable legal and economic features, give property rights and non-property rights. They are also simultaneously property themselves, represent real capital and themselves are fictitious capital, are traded on the stock exchange. In order not to deal with the direct transfer of securities from hand to hand, and also not to pay taxes and fees for making a purchase and sale transaction and to use a large margin leverage (leverage), about 30 years ago a derivative was invented and introduced into mass circulation in the UK financial instrument - a contract for difference in prices (CFD) without ownership of the asset. It is not the stock that is acquired, but the right to receive the difference between its value at the time of conclusion of the contract and at the time of its completion. The contract is unlimited, but one of the parties has the right to terminate it.

Thus, CFD contracts are of interest to traders primarily because they allow you to start trading with a minimum starting capital, as well as trade several instruments at once from one deposit account and one client terminal of the trading platform. Experienced traders can try themselves in margin trading by lowering the prices of the underlying stock.

Commodity Assets

Commodity market is a market for the trade of individual goods or product groups similar in terms of production or consumer characteristics.

Commodities traded on commodity exchanges include non-ferrous and precious metals (gold, platinum, copper, aluminum, and others), hydrocarbons and energy (oil, gas, fuel oil, coal), agricultural products (grain, cotton, sugar, coffee) and others.


Cryptocurrency is an encrypted unregulated digital asset that is used as an analogue of a currency in exchange transactions. Cryptocurrency does not have a physical form, it exists only in the electronic network in the form of data. An exchange through a cryptocurrency takes place in much the same way as an exchange of emails, hence much less processing time than through a bank, minimal fees and the absence of an intermediary. Accounting for cryptocurrencies is called blockchain, and it is carried out collectively by all network members who have this currency. Each cryptocurrency is programmed and identified using complex code.