About company Eurwaxs

Attracting customers to the company, the partner receives a monthly commission for this. The more customers attracted, the greater the volume of their transactions and the more actively they complete them - the greater the amount of remuneration for the affiliate program. Once an attracted client is assigned to him for the entire duration of the client’s work through the company.

International broker Eurwaxs – a guarantee of reliability and financial growth

Investment operations in the modern market are a dynamically developing industry of integrating various highly specialized financial niches and innovative digital technologies. The Eurwaxs-broker unites specialists in multidimensional niches for a single goal – an unsurpassed level of successful investment with high risk diversification and maximum protection of their clients' investment portfolios. Regardless of the investment portfolio and the chosen trading strategy, our customers are always one step ahead.

Any level of immersion in the process

Regardless of your experience in investing and trading speculation, you can easily use our platform to control your financial flows at all stages and to personally manage them. At your disposal are reports on all operations, automated trading signals and expert recommendations, the ability to change advisors and compare their opinions, and automatically check the relevance of each analyst’s forecasts. Trading using modern tools, in particular the exclusive copyright programs of the EURWAXS-broker, is completely at your disposal. It is also possible to entrust the entire process to our experts, and at the same time to fix the framework for risk diversification for each item of investment portfolio operations. Our experts and your money will work for you.

Free innovative software

The analytics and financial flow management platform of the Eurwaxs-broker is easy to use and has an intuitive interface, while it has increased multitasking, for which it received premiums of the year as the best financial instrument on the market. We provide our customers with all technical and analytical tools free of charge, both for manual and automated trading in the financial markets. Therefore, our customers always have advantages in the markets, allowing them to receive a higher profit ratio.

Universal Adaptation Engineering System

Cross-browser compatibility and full adaptation of our platform and its products to all types of gadgets allows you to always be aware of the current state of affairs and effectively manage the process, wherever you are. Our products are compatible in all respects with the leading and most popular software, and in case of any technical issues, our support team will certainly solve any problems and provide individual settings especially for you. This is not a problem for us, and we always go to meet our customers so that you are comfortable working with us.

All types of investments in one account

Forex, securities and commodity futures markets, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and much more are available from your personal account from one personal account. More than 5000 of the most popular assets in the world for your investments are available from the moment of registration. The success of your investment depends on the right choice of broker - with us your financial profit is guaranteed and insured. On our platform, you can combine one-time and periodic trading transactions in different currencies, bid in different markets from one platform and switch between orders with just one click.

Eurwaxs broker company provides its clients with the best investment experts and gives access to innovative market monitoring and audit tools, free trading advisors and compilation of all data on one platform.

Eurwaxs consultants themselves are leading investors and financial experts. Becoming a client of our company, you will get full access to their analytics and forecasts. Also, at your disposal will be trading robots with individual tuning of trading algorithms according to your individual parameters. Order routing is provided by a self-learning program that takes into account your individual requirements and behavioral factors, on the basis of which it offers the most profitable transactions, calculating entry and exit points from them up to milliseconds. Thanks to this intelligent system, the profit ratio automatically increases by 30%, and the risks are reduced by 86%. Technical analysis of the market is carried out in real time and always corresponds to reality, on the basis of which the most relevant forecasts and trading tips are displayed.

Insurance covers all types of accounts and trading operations. You yourself can reduce the risk threshold in a separate office in an individual auction or chain of operations with the support of our consultants and take part in the most profitable transactions. You can also raise the threshold and completely avoid any risks by participating only in guaranteed profitable orders. EURWAXS brokerage company provides its customers with a round-the-clock free support service on any issues, even the most seemingly insignificant ones - we respect our customers. Here you can also get training in trading, participate in unique business conferences with the most successful investors in the CIS, see master classes from our experts and get individual advice on an investment portfolio for free. Having become our client, you can choose a personal adviser among our experts and delegate to him the partial or full management of all your investment operations according to your requirements.

Becoming our customer, you get:
  • Security and transaction fixation
  • Secure channel of trading operations
  • Universal bidding platform
  • Innovative trading programs
  • Intelligent order routing
  • Adapting programs to your behavioral factors
  • Best auto trading advisors
  • Technical analysis of markets in real time
  • All accounts in one office
  • The ability to combine many types of trade
  • 5000 of the best investment assets in the world
  • Training in trading from experts
  • Participation in business conferences and webinars
  • Insider forecasts and tips
  • Individual consultants and advisers
  • Responsive technical support around the clock and for free

Climb to the pinnacle of financial success with Eurwaxs!